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First Solar Team is dedicated to reducing energy dependence. Our team of experts will help you determine if converting your home to solar makes sense for your family. Our process is simple, transparent, and packed with information.

Why Solar?

Our ultimate goal is to make solar available, and affordable, to as many qualified homeowners as possible.

Since the late 90’s, energy rates have risen dramatically. The three main reasons for this are quite simple, and, are rooted in market forces. First, COSTS: easy to get fuel to run power plants has been used up. Harder to get fuel is more expensive to extract. Second, DEMAND: a growing population requires more and more power, and utilities cannot keep up. Finally, INVENTORY: It can take more than a decade to build a power plant. Few communities want them in their neighborhood, and when they rarely can be built, they cost billions.

Power plant fuel costs have risen dramatically, demand for power continues to increase, and, utilities can’t snap their fingers and create a power plant at no cost. This trifecta of market forces has driven rates up over the last two decades. These forces are here to stay, and, rates will continue to rise, at an even faster clip than in years past.

Qualified homeowners have the ability to create a two-way relationship with their utility, rather than the “take or leave it” scenario of the past. Cleaner, cheaper, renewable energy hits your roof every day. Save money while limiting the impact that rate increases have on your budget…Own your power.

Save Money, Every Month

Big Impact, Small Footprint

Energy and Equity

Freedom From the Electric Company